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State of Sikhs in Canada


State of Sikhs in Canada


This urgent discussion on November 7th aimed to unpack the complexities of the Sikh experience in Canada, spotlighting both its triumphs and ongoing challenges, as well as analysis of dangers posed by foreign interference, censorship, intimidation and physical harm to activists, academics and journalists

Amidst a landscape marked by rising racial tensions, disinformation campaigns, and complex transnational relationships, Sikh Canadians are navigating an intricate matrix of cultural identity, socio-political involvement, and community resilience. From media misrepresentation to legal challenges, through to opportunities for growth, the Sikh diaspora in Canada embodies a unique set of experiences that demand comprehensive exploration and dialogue.


Dr. Sharanjit K. Sandhra, Historian, Seasonal Faculty University of the Fraser Valley

Rumneek Johal, Journalist PressProgress

Balpreet Singh, Legal Counsel World Sikh Organization

Jindi Singh, National Director Khalsa Aid Canada


Michelle Eliot, CBC Journalist