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Radically Honest Conversations About Race


Radically Honest Conversations About Race


In partnership with On Canada Project and Hollyhock, Poetic Justice Foundation hosted a transformative evening of uncompromising truth-telling, dialogue, and relationship-building that aimed to open up challenging yet hopeful conversations around racism, systems of oppression, and white supremacy.

Featuring a screening and interactive discussion with documentary producers, authors, and founders of the Race2Dinner, Regina Jackson and Saira Rao, this evening was direct and at times difficult. But necessary.

Regina Jackson and Saira Rao aim to address and dismantle systemic racism in a unique way by challenging and educating participants on racial issues, promoting undertanding, accountability and action towards racial justice.

Regina Jackson has a rich background in social justice and community activism. She has dedicated much of her career to addressing racial inequalities and fostering dialogue and understanding among diverse communities. Her approach to activism is deeply rooted in education and engagement, aiming to bridge divides through honest conversations and shared experiences.

Saira Rao is a former congressional candidate, author, and activist who has turned her focus towards fighting systemic racism through various platforms, including Race2Dinner. Rao's experiences as a woman of color running for political office and her broader encounters with racial dynamics in the United States have deeply informed her activism. She has been vocal about the need for white people, particularly white women, to recognize and dismantle their roles in perpetuating racism. Rao's writings and social media presence continue to challenge societal norms and encourage a reevaluation of racial biases.

Together, Regina Jackson and Saira Rao create a powerful platform for change, leveraging personal stories and direct engagement to address the uncomfortable realities of racism. Their work has garnered significant attention for its innovative approach to racial justice education, sparking conversations and reflections that extend far beyond the dinner table.