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Queering the Revolution: Sikh x Palestine Solidarity Teach-In


Queering the Revolution: Sikh x Palestine Solidarity Teach-In


As Israel continued their genocidal attacks on the people of Palestine, a collective came together to educate, raise awareness and mobilize the global community to stand up for human rights and stop the bloodshed.

On December 3, 2023 'Queering the Revolution: Sikh x Palestine Solidarity Teach-In' featured the following presentations:

  • Palestinian Feminist Collective on the history of occupied Palestine
  • Gurmat Commitment to Solidarity with Palestine
  • Harsha Walia on border imperialism and legacies of displacement and dispossession
  • Jasminder Sidhu on the Sikh Displacement Project-Nanky Rai on building against occupations from Kashmir to Palestine
  • Harleen Kaur on community negotiations for safety and recognition into empire

A Conversation on Actions in Sikh Solidarity for Palestine


Halemi Lehar


Jakara Movement

Sikh LGBTQ+ Oral History Project

National Sikh Youth Federation

Sikh Socialists

Sikh Displacement Project

Parontay and Politics

Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice and Centre for India and South Asia Research (CISAR) at University of British Columbia

Ethnic Studies Department at University of California, San Diego