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Anti-Racism Panel Discussion


Anti-Racism Panel Discussion


The Poetic Justice Foundation, in collaboration with the University of the Fraser Valley's Race and Anti-Racism Network, hosted a critical panel discussion and dialogue on Anti-Racism. This timely conversation was spurred by the alarming increase in Anti-Chinese violence and hate crimes across Canada, alongside the transformative #BlackLivesMatter movement in the United States. Our dialogue delved into the entrenched racism permeating Canadian society, while also exploring actionable solutions to cultivate an anti-racist ethos across various domains, including journalism, activism, and education. Our esteemed panelists shared their diverse experiences and perspectives, fostering a space for open and constructive dialogue with participants.


Jagdeesh Mann, JournalistJoanne Chiu, JournalistJunie Desil, Haitian Canadian PoetMo Dhaliwal, Co-founder Poetic Justice Foundation

Moderated by:

Dr. Sharanjit K. Sandhra


UFV RAN (Race and Anti-Racism Network)